Is Cory Booker off the market?

Yes, we’re talking about the love/romance market. In other words, if you was thinking about trying to hook up with him, he’s already taken.

The freshly minted junior senator has been linked to an easy to look at Hollywood entertainment lawyer who is – yes – a female, according to the New York Post’s Page Six.

The report claims that Bianca Levin, an L.A.-based graduate of Yale Law School, is said to be Booker’s girlfriend.

The 36-year-old attorney works for the Gang Tyre Ramer & Brown talent firm, which represents stars like Clint Eastwood, Dwayne Johnson and Steven Spielberg. She was listed on the Hollywood Reporter‘s “Hollywood’s Fastest-Rising Stars” list two years ago and has allegedly started to “accompany Booker to certain events.”

While Booker was running for the New Jersey Senate seat he won last month, he had to deal with questions about his personal life. In fact, he’s been dogged by rumors that he is gay for years.

Here’s what he told the Washington Post back in August:

“People who think I’m gay, some part of me thinks it’s wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I’m gay, and I say, ‘So what does it ­matter if I am?’”

6 thoughts on “Sorry Ladies: Senator Booker is Now Reportedly Off the Market

  1. Joe Valde on said:

    Another African American Blame Game . Excuses includes:
    1) The Whiteman didn’t teach us
    2) The Whiteman made us do it
    3) It’ s a Whiteman’s conspiracy
    Black Americans Democrats are like little kids emotionally and Intellectually . They kill each other over sneakers and Sports Jacket , and fat Blonde White women .
    Corey Brooks and his predecessor also an African American destroyed this city like Detroit , New Orleans , Kansas City . Get over it Ghetosizing Queen . You African Americans commit 9 times the rate if crime compared to Whites , and 4 times the Latinos . What is more hateful than murdering someone? 95% of all Blacks murder their own , commit 65% of all murders in America and Black males under 38 make up 4% if America’s population That us Hate . Blacks commit 10 times the rate of assault on Whites . You guys are loosers

    • Fat blonde women??? Damn…why you gotta talk about your mom and grandmom like that?

      Once again tell the bitches they better have my money!

  2. Joe Valdez on said:

    Booker is an idiot he never ever accomplished anything in Newark ,. he will never evr become a President , we don’t need another left wing incompetent African American Cut & Paste Affirmative Action President . HM a White Jewish woman???? You mean to tell me He rejected Black Women????? Why???? Is He a secret racist like most African American Men Abandoning their women for White women ???? And African Americans Love this Guy???? Get Off The Democrat Plantation You Fools

    • Joe Valdez,
      There are just so many questions; such as do you live in Newark?
      What do you mean by “…another left wing incompetent African American Cut & Paste Affirmative Action President?” (I had no idea that Booker “rejected Black Women.”)
      Why or what gives you the need to ask if he is a “secret racist like most African American Men Abandoning their women for White women?”
      I cannot speak for all Black African americans, but personally I appreciate what I have heard about Booker; all the news I have heard has been positive. I suppose that makes me a fool on the “Democrat Plantation.”

      • joe Valdez on said:

        You are one of those stupid African Americans who helped Destroy Detroit , NastiWark . Do you know how to read Economic and Crime stats ? No You are not you idiot . Newark has one of the highest per capita crime rate , poverty , drug networks, and illiteracy ,in fact there more rats than people. I was there and it stinks , nasty , streets full of garbage nasty people 98% african americans destoying every thing just like you guys are doing in Detroit, Memphis etc…. The only Economics that you know is crack economics . I have the right to comment on what I see. You guys comment in our papers !!! I will not take any crap from you bunch of idiots .

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