CNN is reporting that Marissa Alexander, the woman who was sentenced to twenty years in prison after firing a warning shot in the air, will learn today if she can get out of prison while she waits for a new trial.

A judge will decide this afternoon whether or not Alexander will be released on bond.

Richard Kuritz, the lawyer for Alexander’s ex-husband, Rico Gray, hopes she is not granted bond, he explained to CNN, “She had bond once on this case and she went over to my client’s house and she gave him a black eye, and got arrested, though she was told to stay away from my client, so I don’t think he necessarily wants her to have a bond again.”

Do you think she will be granted bond?

2 thoughts on “Marissa Alexander May Be Freed Today

  1. the Timekeeper on said:

    Thi is one of the worst cases ofd Shiggidy I have ever seen in our so-called justice system. Out of all the Stand your ground cases we have seen this was ( and still is) the only case where the lwa actually fits. And yet, Ironically the one case where she wasnt allowed to use the law. She shouldnt have gotten 2o minutes let alone 20 years. Incredible that when you are Black, Stand Your Ground doesnt work for you. My suspicion is that this is what those GOP filled lawmakers had in mind when they voted this law in in the first place.

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