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TMZ reports that singer Usher is being sued by three guys for allegedly ripping off a song they wrote called “Caught Up”.

Zacharia Edwards, Mitch Moses and Vince McClean allege that  they wrote a song called, “Caught Up” back in 2002. The trio say they played their song for a honcho at Arista Records which is Usher’s label. The guy they played it for liked it and reportedly took the song  and played it for LA Reid.  Edwards, Moses and McClean say they never heard from Arista again, but 2 years later they heard their song on the radio.

Usher’s song skyrocketed on the charts and was featured in his album, “Confessions.”

Edwards, Moses and McClean are suing for unspecified damages.


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3 thoughts on “Usher Sued For Allegedly Ripping Off Song “Caught Up”

  1. yaegerj on said:

    I heard a similar story about someone who had a idea for a different take on pizza. The person went to dominos pizza with a business idea concerning a certain type of pizza, the executives of course wanted to talk about the idea, The gentleman talked with the executives about it. The executives declined the offer to the gentleman, Two years later Dominos use the ideal that was presented to them, two years before in which they claimed they had no interest. Shameful

  2. 2002??? Why did it take them 11 years to file a law suit. Even if they heard it on the radio 2 years later, why did it take 9 years? If I wrote the song and thought he stole it, I would be kickin and screamin the DAY I found out about it!!

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