11/07/13- Comedian Huggy Lowdown jokes with the crew about East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer cross-dressing, the CMA awards and more.

One thought on “How Does Country Music Benefit a Black Man?!- HUGGY LOWDOWN

  1. I have been bullied/harassed/discriminate in palm desert chamber by ladies director. Adult bully is more dangerous because they have more resources.
    I received death threat (They don’t reveled their identity, but I don’t have enemies except people on chamber, I have very simple life, I am very humble and known to be a sweat person). I was unable to rent office space in palm desert. I shared my office with some one, this group does not make easier over there either. My cell phone bugged. Police was not good help either because lack of proof.
    It’s long list what happened to me. It was emotional and financial trauma.
    Finally I done getting scared and stand up which does not help my surroundings, but it does help me mentally.
    Chamber staff removed my business name from chamber directories. Finally, I contacted chamber CEO and tells her about harassment/bully by directors and question her removal of my business name. Well it does not help either, and they remove my chamber membership. Then I hire attorney, so they put my name back. I don’t have money to bring law suit against them (they are aware of this, so continued discrimination).
    After my complain, The board director lady who harassed me more, they make ambassador to another person from her company. Now we have two from same company, one in board and other is ambassador. Chamber is Promoting her business more now, every publication-they highlight her business. The other board lady who bullied, they make her elected chairman. Our chamber Vice President is close friend to them.
    I also met city manager, nothing change. Then I send entire situation to palm desert city mayor (I have seen her with this group, I thing they are friends). She does not bother to contact me. Her contacts are more important than my life.
    Then I contacted our senator and congressman. They don’t bother to meet me. But at least after that death threat stops.
    Well now how I am dealing with this. It’s long story, it took long time to recover. Prayers and workout. One thing they done good, I become fearless, I don’t care anymore. I have new office which I am sharing with some one. I know, they not going to leave me alone here either. They have resources to offer people around me to messed up my life. But now, I will not give up and deal with them. I am more stronger than ever.
    I heard politic is dirty, but in palm desert, it is nasty. Where chamber staff especially CEO and Vice President fully support who done wrong, of course city mayor is their side too. They sell my living and life for their contacts/financial gain.
    My looks and ambitions are my enemies.

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