TMZ dug up footage of  Miami Dolphins lineman Richie Incognito in a shirtless, racist rage at a bar earlier this year.

Incognito is under fire for harassing his teammate Jonathan Martin and calling him a “half-n**ger” in a voice mail. He has since been suspended by the team.

According to TMZ, the below video was shot several months ago and shows Richie running around the Fort Lauderdale, Florida pool hall Dirty Blondes. As the video begins, Richie shouts, “Mike Pouncey, N**GA!!”  Pouncey is a member of the Dolphins and it appears as if he’s in the video. Incognito goes on to stomp around the bar with his shirt off as patrons watch.

Below, a timeline of notable incidents involving Incognito, in both his college and professional careers:

Oct. 2013 Suspended indefinitely by Dolphins after alleged harassment of teammate Jonathan Martin

Aug. 2013 Texans DE Antonio Smith suspended for Week 1 for swinging helmet at Incognito during game

Dec. 2011 Raiders DT Richard Seymour fined $30,000 for punching Incognito during game

Dec. 2009 Released by Rams two days after being penalized twice for personal fouls and arguing with coach Steve Spagnuolo during game against Titans

2009 season Voted NFL’s “dirtiest player” in poll of NFL players by Sporting News

Oct. 2004 Dismissed from Oregon football program after transferring to school in September

Sept. 2004 Suspended indefinitely by Nebraska coach Bill Callahan for repeated violations of team rules

June 2004 Convicted of misdemeanor assault charge stemming from incident at party in February

Spring 2003 Suspended by Nebraska coach Frank Solich (reinstated prior to season)

5 thoughts on “Richie Incognito’s Violent Past; Video of N-Word Rant at Bar (WATCH)

  1. Pouncey is a punk, it should have been him being bullied by this moran of a football player, how much more will these punks exist, & keep going the same thing & getting paid, one player said Martin shouldn’t have sniched- HELL fool this ain’t no prison, all he wants is a pay check, let Incognito be “incognito vanish, maybe this will send a real lesson to these punks, this not going to work at all,& if the team mates don’t stop this mess their will be consequences to pay right along with these Coaches too who allow this to continue. let Richie keep disrespecting them & bullying, calling racist slurs, how far will these players continue to speak negative & rude but still have a job & get paid, now this dummy who just stood there & let it happen he needs to be done the same & see how much he can take from one stupid player who will coat the team everything, this has got to stop in all sports & players, no one supports Martin but I do, these were not his friends from the beginning, & Richie has gotten away with this far to long. Incognito thinks he can’t be touch so let him learn a serious lesson racial slurs & bullying,are not acceptable. He needs to be banned from NFL & get some serious therapy,

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