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11/01/13- Tom Joyner Morning Show commentator Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with the legendary Patti LaBelle about her BET Black Girls Rock! performance, the death of her friend publicist Patti Webster, her alleged beef with Diana Ross and much more!

Do you believe Ms. LaBelle?

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8 thoughts on “Patti LaBelle on Diana Ross: ‘It Was Never a Feud, I Love That Woman’

  1. straus davis on said:

    I guess sometimes you can think about some things too much, and perhaps read too much into what is actually being said. Patti said, “It was never a feud, I love that woman”. Sometimes how you say some things, reveals more about how you truly feel, than what you say. I truly feel that Patti, by identifying Diana as “That Woman”, is not very complimentary. Miss Ross, has a name, it is Diana Ross. Why would Patti, call her that woman? I think perhaps Patti might still harbor ill feelings toward Diana. Be careful how you say something, it could be more revealing than you think!

    • on said:

      I don’t think you actually listened to what she said in totality. You took a few words and took it out of context. That’s how rumors continue and folks make more of a situation than it is. She said they had a long talk and cleared up any misunderstandings.

      As for Diana…it has been documented very well by several people how evil she was. I actually have heard Diana say something negative about Patti, but you can say the same for her. Patti noted incidents in the past but still never called her out of her name or said anything about her as a person.

      • Straus Davis on said:

        Well, I suppose you have your take on things, and I have mine. This is what makes being an American, a good thing. It is called; “Freedom of Speech”. I don’t think I took anything out of context. The words speak for themselves. Not only is or was Patti jealous of Diana’s accomplishment, others of her peers are as well. I look at it this way, “It is well documented what Patti has said about Diana Ross”… You see, when someone always take the lower road, rather than saying not saying anything, speaks volumes about the type of person they are. Patti, could have phrased her remarks differently: Such as: “It was never a feud, I love Diana Ross”, but she chose to say this instead: :”It was never a feud, I love that woman”. I hope you can see the difference…If not, perhaps you have taken it out of context.

      • miss birdsong on said:

        Patti has admitted that she had taken the opportunity to say negative things about Ross for years, since 1967. In Boston at Patti’ s concert she said 2 directly nasty comments about Ross from the stage. Her voice cracked and she said she was having some Diana Ross moments. Security was keeping fans off the stage and Patti chastised them saying She’s not Miss Ross her fans can touch her. The statements drew some booing and was reported in the Boston Globe. Patti was bitter. She admitted in front of many people at Oprahs Legends Ball Brunch that she had held a long grudge and apologized.

  2. straus davis on said:

    I think that at one point in her life, Patti was jealous of Diana Ross’ success. Many times when Patti had the opportunity to take the high road, when talking about Diana, she would often take the low road. I think not only was Patti jealous of Miss Ross, other female singers of Diana’s peers, were jealous of her as well. I think many of these singers mistakenly felt or thought they were more talented than Diana. All I say, I have never heard Diana say anything disparaging about her peers, even Mary Wilson. She has always taken the high road, which speaks volumes about the type person Diana is.

  3. Patti addressed this issue at a concert I attended in Virginia Beach. She said that it was never a dislike or hatred towards Diana, she just wasnt feeling her, Patti really didn’t know her. At a huge event thrown by Oprah she really got to know Diana, and they are now really good friends.

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