If Jazz is the original American art form, Miles Davis is the Van Gogh of his generation.

That’s why, over the years, actor Don Cheadle has remained steadfast in his pursuit of enough dollars to actuate his brainchild about the life and endless contributions of the music legend.

Cheadle, fortunately, may be close to hitting paydirt, Shadow and Act/Indiewire.com reports. Most recently, in June, he put out a call for young, black, talented trumpet players, although he didn’t explain why he wanted them. But, we can assume it was for his Miles Davis film (of course, that would be seeing the glass half-full).

Screen Daily reported exclusively that international film financing, sales, and distribution company, IM Global, has boarded the project, and will shop worldwide rights at the upcoming American Film Market (AFM) in Los Angeles next month.

The report also states that Cheadle will man the director’s chair (Antoine Fuqua was previously said to be attached), with Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor in talks to join the film’s cast. What roles exactly both actors are eyeing isn’t yet public information. Although, in Saldana’s case, rumor has it that Betty Davis, Miles Davis’ second wife, is likely the part she’s in talks to play.

And finally, previously said to be titled Kill The Trumpet Player, the film is now called Shoot The Trumpeter.

The film veers completely left of your conventional biopic, Don warns, suggesting that some liberties will be taken with Miles Davis’ story.

The AFM begins on November 6.

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