R. Kelly fans in Louisiana paid good money ($150 to be exact) to see the R&B singer perform in concert last weekend. And after a three-hour wait – they got a lip-synching impostor. [Watch below.]

A Monroe, La., concert apparently advertised the singer Saturday night (Oct. 26), but once a performer finally took the stage at the Monroe Civic Center, R. Kelly was nowhere to be found, with an impersonator taking his place, NME reports.

According to an attendee interviewed by local station KNOE, the performer took the stage three hours past the planned start time and lip-synced.

Now, those in attendance want their $150 back.

The occasion was Ced’s Black Tie Affair, spearheaded by promoter Cedric Johnson. Originally, Johnson supposedly sent a text message to KNOE saying he would honor refunds, but later, the promoter claimed he did not send the message and does not plan to offer refunds.

It’s unclear whether R. Kelly was actually ever scheduled to appear at the concert; according to NME, promoters are denying that he was supposed to perform, while attendees maintain the performance was advertised.

The singer, whose new album “Black Panties” is scheduled for a December release, has not commented on the Monroe concert. He performed Sunday night in Southaven, Miss., according to Kelly’s Instagram.

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