The October 23rd episode of “Preachers of L.A.” gave the Oxygen network its best Wednesday prime time ever with adults 18-49 and delivered 1.2 million total viewers.

The episode was also the highest-rated episode of the series so far, and performed well on social media with #PreachersofLA and #BishopJones trending.

#BishopJones, a.k.a. Bishop Noel Jones, was shown in the episode preparing his lady friend – whom he refers to as just a “friend, period” – to face the possible interrogation of their relationship by the show’s first ladies (and one first lady-to-be) at an upcoming tea.

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4 thoughts on “Series High Ratings for Oxygen’s ‘Preachers of LA’

  1. Sexy Leroy on said:

    …remember that collection plate (Church Fund, “Pastor’s Love Offering”, Tithes, Remembrance Fund..)and the guilt trip they pass around with it?? THE JOKES ON YOU DUMBASSES!!!!!! In the United States (and prollly the world) Church is big business, second is College (tuition inflation- ever wonder how colleges (excluding crab-ass HBCUs) each take in nearly a billion dollars in sports/tv revenue yet tuition NEVER decreases)!!!

  2. People love drama! Even from so-called religious leaders. I will say this…..Noel Jones is one good looking pastor!! I find it odd that he’s not married.

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