In today’s edition of  Roll Your Eyes news, Boxing heavyweight champion Floyd MayWeather decided to tell the world, once again, just how amazing he is.

Money Mayweather stopped by Houston’s 97.9 The Box to talk about his relationship with Justin Bieber, if he really does stalk 50 Cent, and him alleging that he’s better than Muhammed Ali.

Yeah…we’re not too sure either.


4 thoughts on “Floyd Mayweather Says He’s Better Than Ali [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

  1. george dulin on said:

    man please! your head has gotten too damn big if you think you’re in that class. you sitting here fighting bums in the pee wee class and they take the distance. Ali fought Joe Frazier, Sonny Liston, George foreman, ken Norton, and many other REAL fighters. the only person you could really kick ass on is me and I’m over 50 and broke down,. lol

  2. yaegerj on said:

    Sorry Mayweather, Better than Ali, I don’t know abut all of that. Ali, is in a class of his own, and as far as I’m concern, the greatest of all time. His whole demeanor and how he carried himself, was just priceless, a brand of his own.

  3. Hiltron Bailey on said:

    He has great defense but doesn’t have the foot speed of knockout power Ali had. Most of Floyds fights go the distance against some guys that don’t look like fighters or fight like fighters. Ali knocked out some real hardknock guys

  4. stephanie on said:

    Floyd, if you did say you are better than the Greatest, Mr. .Ali, you are an arrogant yeast infected douche bag. You’re living high off the hog, but remember a fool and his money will soon depart, then you will be nothing but used up trash.

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