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Dr. Rachael Ross, sexologist and co-host on “The Doctors” discusses sexual health and answers your sex-related questions.

Dr. Rachael is anal sex okay?

Absolutely. It is a very risky sexual behavior so first and foremost you both need to get tested for HIV and condoms should be used.  Have some water or silicone based lube available, go slow, and have fun!  But keep in mind, the anus and the vagina are different, the vagina expands and contracts and the anus tears.  So go slow!!  It can take a while to adjust, so the first few times, don’t be afraid to stop in the middle.

Morning crew, I’ve got two questions for the sex doctor: 1. Are/can there be any long-term effects of vibrating piercings Cock, tongue, clit? 2. Is it bad for a pregnant woman to use any sexual toys?

With piercings just keep in mind that those are like open sores and it’s easier to get an infection if you have sex with someone who has one.  With cock rings make sure you don’t leave it on for more than 1.5 hours.  They can cut off your circulation and act like a tourniquet.

If sex toys become a part of every time you make love are you using them too much? Other than cock rings what other sex toys are available for men?

Anything all the time is too much.  Switch it up!  There’s a great product that functions like a sleeve for your penis so either alone or with your partner, you manually manipulate the sleeve to stimulate the shaft of the penis.  It takes a hand job to a completely different level!

what do you do when the relationship is sexless because the man can’t perform and nothing works for him?

He has to get creative. There are other ways to stimulate you than just with his penis.  You too can grind, he can wear a strap on, he can use a dildo, his fingers, his tongue, or his chin.  Get comfortable and Get creative!

What if the partner is NOT meeting your needs emotionally?!

You too either should buy a self-help book and read it TOGETHER, and/or you two need couples counseling

What about a woman who had a hysterectomy? Will her drive be lower?

Not necessarily.  Everyone is different!

What if your partner does not have skills?

They can learn!! Talk them through it and be clear about what you want.

Are there any medications for women to help them achieve orgasm? I have difficulty and it takes alot of time and work to have one. Sometimes I am turned off to sex because of this.

Not at present.  But sex isn’t about an orgasm, it’s about the experience!  So no worries!!!

Is it ok to sleep with two women at one time?

As long as you are using two different condoms on the different women. No double dipping!