According to Indie Wire, Michael B. Jordan’s possible involvement in the “Fantastic Four” project was first discussed back in May. He  was in contention for the role of Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch and now “Schmoes Know” is claiming that Jordan has the role.

Though the actor has said he’d be “ecstatic” for the opportunity, there could be a lot of upset over the fact that Jordan is not white. The character has been depicted as white in the Marvel Comics as well as previous films.

The Johnny Storm character’s sisters would have to be cast with black actresses as well which is also causing a fuss because just like Storm they have been white in previous comics and movies.

As with many other roles that have been filled by actors/actresses of color there will be frustration by some. However most will probably not care after they see the movie itself. Well provided that the film is good to begin with.

We’re pretty sure that Sam Jackson and Denzel have ended up in roles that were not originally made for them as well and once they got in the door they owned it so nobody cared! We wish Michael B. Jordan all of the success in the world and we look forward to grabbing our popcorn and sodas and heading in to a theater to watch him as Johnny Storm really soon!

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