TUSKEGEE, Ala. (AP) — Gilbert Rochon has resigned as president of Tuskegee University after three years on the job.

The Tuskegee board of trustees announced Saturday that Rochon offered his resignation during a board meeting, and the board accepted. The resignation was effective immediately.

The board said Tuskegee alumnus Matthew Jenkins will serve as acting president. He’s retired from a veterinary practice in Compton. Calif., and is chairman of SDD Enterprises, a real estate investment and property management firm that operates in eight states. His foundation has been a major donor to Tuskegee.

The board chairman, retired Maj. Gen. Charles Williams, said the board will conduct a national search for a new president.

2 thoughts on “Tuskegee University’s President Gilbert Rochon Resigns

  1. Blackspeak on said:

    For one thing, the president of the HBCUs are earning way too much money given the dire financial straits of most of them… Howard’s president was earning 650K+….

  2. My guess would be that this has something to do with Minister Louis Farrakhans visit and the fact that the ADL could not bully Mr. Rochon into rejecting the Minister. I thank Mr. Rochon for standing up like a man!

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