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People are already upset with “Preachers of L.A.” and this is not going to make it any better.

A photo of Deitrick Haddon‘s penis has hit the web after a former girlfriend of his released the photo to a blog site. Check out the NSFW (Not Safe for Work)  photo on “Funky Dineva.”

Haddon, a pastor and gospel star, has not commented on the photo.

He is currently married to his second wife Dominique Mctyer.


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18 thoughts on “Photo of ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Deitrick Haddon’s Manhood Hits the Web

  1. Barbara Dates on said:

    Some demon women need to respect there self and mot lower there self because things didn’t work out, just stay prayed up and move on. Amen

  2. Danny Kool on said:

    Pls,let not rejoice ova all these..she gains haven done all tins.y bringin a private matter into a public scene.GOD wil have mercy on her!

  3. Detrick you flipped over the mark of righteousness! No brother you didn’t miss it you flipped over it..meaning you got skills when it comes to being bad..smh I can see the pride of Life & eyes of adultery..take those shades off!

  4. Omygoodness! Here’s a tip ladies…date several men but don’t sleep wit em’..& when the right man comes around make sure he got money not just a pay check. Tip 2. date several times marry ONCE. Tip 3. If your Ex-spouse is alive you must remain single till death do him part. Tip 4. If your Ex boyfriend leave wait for Mr. right..Lol I said wait! Tip 5. Don’t date 40-50 men that’s not what I’m implying..Ok. Just wait.

  5. He doesn’t have a church and the photos were for her eyes only. That only goes to show you that when a woman is scorned…think about those pics you sent. The same for men, they make the same lowdown moves and this was pretty lowdown. She is a messy woman and Karma is a bitch.

    • sharon johnson on said:

      U reap what u sow. Detrict was cheatin on x wife when he sent pictureds to misstress. Karma has caught up to him. His penis is in cyber space forever. He was so called saved five years ago . He’s a cheater and that’s all to it. But he is well indowed

  6. Victoria on said:

    Those pictures were more than likely taken for her eyes only. For her to post them on the internet was obviously her being vindictive. Why else would she do it? How can we say we’re Christians and be so quick to pass judgement? Carry your own cross and let him worry about carrying his. Is YOUR house in order before you start talking about someone else’s?

  7. These preachers are living the life off of their church’s back. Do they even care about the people coming to the church for help, guidance and the teachings of the Bible. They are digusting and need to stop glorifying material wealth.
    There is nothing wrong with material wealth if you have earned it on your own or inheirted it but they are paid from the church. Some people in the church might not have food, shelter, proper clothing, do they care? No!!! they care about their own greedy needs!!
    All of them all going to Bust Hell Wide Open!!!

  8. And all of these HOLLYWOOD Preachers churches will be packed on Sunday….and people will continue to drink the Kool-Aid. I wouldn’t give them a nickel I found on the ground

  9. I wonder what the people that are members of his church have to say about this? They CAN’T be to happy or proud. Not sure why anyone (he really wants to be saved) would want to attend D Haddy’s church. i would LOVE to here his explanation about this texted picture.

    • Madmen45 on said:

      Huh. This is something from 2008. Should we hold judgement on someone who sinned 5 years ago? Why did the woman wait 5 years later and until he’s on tv to release pics. This is just a woman scorned scenario. He already confessed there were infidelities and God has forgiven him. Lets judge everyone’s sins from 5 years ago. Hell, let’s make it 10.

      • I was assuming this was a recent thing that had happend. I personally could care less, but why is it being brought up NOW if it happend in 2008? Is it just because he is now on this “show”? I don’t care if you are a preacher or not, its not a good idea to text, tweet or email a picture of your junk. It can NEVER be erased, so it will/can ALWAYS come back to bite you!!

    • Madmen45 on said:

      Ratings are too high. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. With these high ratings, you may see Preachers of Atlanta, New York, and Chicago now.

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