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Last week, Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the “worst thing” since “slavery”. Well, Tom and the crew think slaves would disagree!


9 thoughts on “What Would Slaves Say About Dr. Ben Carson’s Obamacare Comments?

  1. What would Slaves say about Alan Grayson using KKK burning cross in his campaign flyers
    I know BAW wont say anything because Grayson is a Democrat

  2. on said:

    This is such a Dumb ass article first off all slaves could not say what was on their mind or they would be beaten. I bet they wish they could have spoke their mind like Carson got to or are we just wanting to silence him because he thinks like a honky.

  3. Black people are so sleep. It’s sad really. There is a healing revolution going on all over world; folks are waking up seeing the holes in the allopathic way of thinking. Seeing the flaws in Western Medicine’s $300 billion a year so-called healthcare. Seeing their families fall victim to vaccines, chemotherapy or untested chemical nitrogen based medicine(black ppl need carbon based). Doctors, the good ones, using natural medicines having excellent results with many patients but then losing their license for not using something that is “FDA regulated” who by the way is in bed with the Pharma industry ofcourse. Yet black people in america, who are among sickest people in universe physically & mentally, seemingly know nothing of this revolution taking place. People are getting rid of cancers for pennies using various natural methods. Eating foods that don’t come in a box but from mother nature. Practicing more wholistic forms of healing & medicine that are in tune with their bodies with no horrendous side effects.

    Its time for black folk to stand the f*ck up against monopoly known as western medicine & educate ourselves on how the human body truly works instead of relying on these wacko doctors & their wacky ideology. 60% of black women obese. Black men having strokes left & right. Prostate Cancer. Breast Cancer. 90% of the people on dialysis are black. Do you think that’s a co-winky dink? Do you think europeans committing more crimes year after year yet black people make up the majority of the prison population is a coincidence? Wake-up.

    Obamacare/Western Allopathic Medicine isn’t something black/melanated ppl should be supporting with pride. Our folk suffer the worst in this system & there are far better & more cost-effective options. Stop following this fake democrat/republican paradigm. Two wings on the same dead eagle. Time to focus on what is best for us, black ppl.

  4. Ben Carson must have gotten hit on the head to make a comment like this. This man came from very humble beginnings from Detroit, MI. There are many people in Detroit who need affordable healthcare. And, I fee that Carson’s mother would beat the shit out of him for making this statement. The man acts like a real fool!

  5. Raleigh Delesbore on said:

    A brain surgeon? right? man, education is wonderful, but…freedom to express onesself is the hallmark of democracy in this country, and no matter how stupid and ignorant it makes the person who says it look the right to say it is protected. Carson you are a piece of work.

  6. Sherry Leak on said:

    That was the worst bit I have ever heard on your show!! There is absolutely nothing funny about slavery. Your co-hosts were trying their best to laugh but it really didn’t work. Who laughs at jokes about real things that happened during slavery? Not sane people

  7. the Timekeeper on said:

    They would say, please give me some healthcare, any healthcare, so I can go to the doctor and heal all of these whips and lacerations off my back from being beat.

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