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Dr. Benjamin Carson has drunk the conservative Kool-Aid and he obviously loves it.

The acclaimed neurosurgeon and recent Fox News hire on Friday compared Obamacare to of all things, slavery at the Voter Values Summit on Friday.

Carson, who’s shown he has no respect for the president when he dissed the Affordable Care (Obamacare) right in front of Obama at a prayer breakfast, told summit attendees, ”I have to tell you Obamacare is, really I think, the worst thing that’s happened in this nation since slavery.”

“It was never about healthcare, it was about control,” Carson added.

For the increasingly polarizing Carson, making controversial comments is nothing new. He recently compared homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia.

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16 thoughts on “Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare is the ‘Worst Thing Since ‘Slavery’

  1. the Timekeeper on said:

    No, all black people do not have to have the same thought. However, there disagreement should at least carry some logic.

  2. He has the right to his opinion but I asked this question if that was a white president would he said the same thing in front of that audience I think not this is sad anyone agree with me

  3. He has a right to his opinion but I asked this question if that was a White president that supported this affordable care act would have he said the same thing and in front of that audience I think not

  4. dam mad on said:

    This calls for some black-on-black crime. When you get on front of a bunch of white people and “sell out” on THIS level. You should be held ACCOUNTABLE! After all he has done in his life. He was go down as Sean Hannity’s black “sock puppet”. He needs to be confronted on the streets.

    • Deegeejay on said:

      So all Blacks should have the same thought. Stupid People! Not all Blacks have the same experiences. Can we have different solutions and ideas! Or if you fall from the lock step opinion you’re a sellout or an Uncle Tom? Asinine people.

  5. Goin' Broke on said:

    I disagree with Dr. Carson that the unAffordable Care Act is the worst thing since slavery. It is the worst thing since the Federal Reserve and the IRS. And to “lou”: the doctor is no idiot, as it is impossible for an idiot to perform pediatric neurosurgery.

  6. the Timekeeper on said:

    Wow, I used to admire this guy. Oh, and by the way it is more than just an opinion when you go on National TV and make blasphemous statement like that.

  7. queenB on said:

    He’s entitle to his opinion, just like we who support Affordable Healthcare is entitled to ours. It does not make it right or wrong, it’s only an opinion and his perception. People can disagree without being an idiot or crazy.

  8. T.Jones on said:

    So what do he think about the medical component on car insurance – where if you have medical insurance you still have to pay for medial insurance in your car insurance….crazy man

  9. Anderson on said:

    I have always admired Dr. Carson. But his comments on “Obamacare” were ill used. When “Worst Thing Since Slavery” is used by people who have only read about it, not suffered through it, you can assume the remarks were meant to be inflammatory. Greatness in one area, doesn’t always translate into greatness in another. Just ask Michael Jordan!

  10. The dude. Is an idiot..Additionally why didn’t the punk relate it to the holocaust? He would have been blackballed on so many fronts he is nothing more than apussy cat

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