Actor James Woods used to Twitter to air out his distaste for President Barack Obama and the government shutdown.

Check out his tweets below:

Wood-7 Wood-8 Woods-1 Wood-2 Wood-3 Wood-4 Wood-5 Wood-6

What do you think about Woods’ rant?

Also On Black America Web:

5 thoughts on “Actor James Woods Calls Obama ‘Abomination’, Says he Doesn’t Expect to Find Work in Hollywood Again

  1. He is saying these things to get work in Hollywood. Does anyone know what he has done in the last 10yrs? Precisely my point. Nothing.. He’s hoping someone will see those tweets and offer him a job.. His motives were clear when he made those dumb statements…

  2. jamnttown on said:

    Mr. Woods, everything you have spewed are lies. Somewhere down in that cold soul of yours, you know it. The non-facts that you stated on twitter are everything that has been spewed on Fox news. Try listening to something else or better yet, do you own research. Your hatred for the President is showing. You don’t care about WWII vets, or anything else you spouted off about, the bottom line is you hatred for the President, because all this mess was going on before he took office.

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