Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with relationship expert Marni “The Wing Girl” about dating and the truth about men.

8 thoughts on “75% of Men Are Looking for Long Lasting Relationships?! Do You Agree?

    • Time: “threesome”?????….If you are eluding to Oprah, and Gayle being gay…..get a clue!! If Oprah was gay she would have admitted it a long time ago. She’s told everything else about her life, and at this point in her life she wouldn’t lose a darn thing if she were gay, and came out. It really baffles me that (some) people think that just because a person has a close friend …..they are gay. To me it shows that (some) people have never ever had a close friend, and thus don’t know what true friendship is. I have 2 close friends from early childhood, and we are still friends. For anyone that hasn’t ever experienced true friendship….I feel sorry for you

  1. The title of this article is BS!! Common sense tells me that if 75% of men wanted to be in long lasting relationships….then 50 to 70% of Black women wouldn’t be without a significant other. Things have really changed over the years in that (lots) of women still want to be in a serious relationship; but LOTS of men DON’T

  2. the Timekeeper on said:

    To answer your question Capricorn. Jacqui has as many ( or maybe even more) issues as the women she interviews. No, she is not gay, at least I dont think she is. However, when you buy into the “aint no good brothers around” as much and as often as she has, you almost disqualify yourself with yyour inrernal drama.

    • Cap: You probably need to ask the men Jacque has dated why she’s still single. More than likely because (lots) of men aren’t willing to commit. And for the record Jacque isn’t the only beautiful, intelligent, celebrity….yada yada yada lady that isn’t married. Gayle King always comes to mind. You would think that her being Oprah’s best friend would afford her a mate. Gayle has said on numerous occasions that it’s hard for her to get a date. And, she’s made it no secret that she would love to get married. I suspect that a lot of men think they can’t live up to her expectations (simply because she’s Oprah’s friend). How ridiculous is that. Intelligent people know that money (along) doesn’t make people happy

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