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Last week on Basketball Wives, Suzie got amped up after a pep talk from Tami and confronted Tasha at her hotel room where she smacked her hat right off her head. Pure comedy. Suzie, in the wake of her liberating experience, ran to Evelyn and Tami for their approval. How did the drama play out? Find out what happened inside.

‘Basketball Wives’ [RECAP]: Is Suzie The New Tami? was originally published on

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One thought on “‘Basketball Wives’ [RECAP]: Is Suzie The New Tami?

  1. No she is not, Susie is just a wanna fit in with others, cause she knows she can’t fight or beat any black woman there, she’s looking old face,all tore up, not attractive at all, I see why he has no “MAN” who would want a brainless dummy with no back bone like Susie,get a job do something for yourself get a “LIFE”.

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