Four weeks into its run, Arsenio Hall‘s syndicated late-night show is making a behind-the scenes change, reports

Neal Kendall has stepped down as an executive producer of the CBS TV Distribution (CTD)-produced broadcast, according to a source close to the production. His last day was reportedly Friday.

According to sources, the switch was done as a proactive move to shore up the show’s long-term prospects with the right fit in the key position. Kendall was tapped as EP of “Arsenio” in February after a 10-year stint on Tavis Smiley.

In the interim, Kendall will be replaced on by CTD SVP Programming and Development Eric Pankowski, who has been overseeing “The Arsenio Hall Show” since he joined the company in May. He’ll work alongside executive producers Hall and his manager, Octagon’s John Ferriter.

After a blazing-hot start, “Arsenio” has cooled off a bit in the ratings but has been relatively stable and still does OK in the key demos. (although the show hit a 18-49 low in the metered markets on Thursday, the day before Kendall exited.)

6 thoughts on “‘Arsenio’ Shakeup: Exec Producer Steps Down 4 Weeks In

  1. I’ve been predicting it all along…one season, and gone. I watched the entire first two weeks; I found myself yawning more than laughing. Terrible writing. Celebrity interviews are mostly past-their-prime B-list personalities; the interviews tend to drag on too long. Low-budget production values. I think it’ll be very difficult for Arsenio to compete with Leno (to be replaced by Fallon in February) and Letterman—both of those are network shows with higher production budgets.

  2. The show does not have the umph to me. The show is not flowing well. I try to watch it a few times but cant get into it. He need some help from somewhere. I would be surprise if he stayed passed his contract. He should have brought a more fresher look and he didn’t.

  3. Sean B. on said:

    Yeah I agree. It feel like I stepped back into time when I watch his show. He hasn’t changed his format or style since his talk show in the 90s.

  4. Demp109 on said:

    Arsenio needs to be more prepared with his interviews. The monologues are terrible!! I’m trying to hang in there. He’s had a lot of time to research and line up young actors and actresses, along with the old heads! We’ve got popular reality shows, politicians, educators, etc. Hell, he can invite Tavis and Cornell to really set it off!!!

  5. the Timekeeper on said:

    I kinda agree dtown. I am rooitng for Arsenio because he really was a groundbreaker back then. But, I also admit I am not feeling it nearly as much. He may yet succeed with this, but there is a part of me that says this is a time that has gone by.

  6. Funny segments and the guests are really what makes people continuously watch. Some of the segments have been kinda corny. That needs to improve. He should get Jay Anthony Brown to be a writer FO REAL!!! I am left shaking my head at some of his opening Monologue jokes.

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