CUL8R See you later
CYA See You
d:-) Smiling with cap
DK Don’t know
DUR? Do you remember
E2EG Ear to ear grin
EOD End of discussion
EOL End of lecture
F? Friends
F2F Face to face
F2T Free to talk
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FC Fingers Crossed
FITB Fill in the Blank
FWIW For What It’s Worth
FYA For your amusement
FYEO For your eyes only
FYI For Your Information
G9 Genius
GAL Get A Life
GF Girlfirend
GG Good Game
GMTA Great minds think alike
GR8 Great
GSOH Good Salary, Own Home / Good Sense of Humour
GTSY Glad to see you
H&K Hugs and Kisses
H2CUS Hope to see you soon
H8 Hate
HAGN Have a good night
HAND Have a nice day
IC I See
ICQ I Seek you
IDK I dont know
IIRC If I recall correctly
ILU I love you
IMBL It must be Love
IMFL I’m Falling in Love
IMHO In my honest/humble opinion
IMI I mean it
IMO In my opinion
IOW In other words…
IRL In real life
IUSS If you say so
J4F Just for fun
JFK Just for kicks

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