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Diddy is doing his part to make sure our kids of today become CEOs tomorrow.

According to reports, the music mogul linked up with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and donated $250,000 to the non-profit organization. Along with writing a check, Diddy spoke to the youth about how to run a business and approach all facets of life in an entrepreneurial way.

“I am honored to partner with NFTE on this initiative because I am extremely proud of the work they do every day, helping over 500,000 young people reach their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs,” the Bad Boy founder and CEO said. “I believe all young people should be given the opportunity to be successful and to pursue their passions and NFTE gives all kids the tools they need to be the CEOs of their future.”

Diddy is definitely leading by example. His newest multimillion-dollar venture, a network called Revolt TV, will launch on October 21.

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3 thoughts on “Diddy Donates $250,000 To Young Entrepreneurs Program

  1. Mr. Combs is to be commended for his good deed. He is the embodiment of what NFTE has been trying to do with black youth. And that is to create a new mental paradigm shift that embraces higher education for the purpose and pursuit of entrepreneurship. NFTE has found that many black youth will continue with their education if they believe that it will allow them to pursue entrepreneurship.

    Education by itself, for many of our youth, is no longer a strong enough or compelling proposition for them to finish high school. The problem for our youth is that the value and purpose of getting an education has been hijacked by idea-viruses. These idea-viruses, interpret and de-motivate, black youth. These embedded idea-viruses can animate a negative message in our youth; that says to them, that getting an education is akin to acting white or being a sellout.

    However, entrepreneurship, has a piece of code in it, that can work like a paradigm shift. Entrepreneurship sounds cool, and has successful black role models who are deemed cool. In short, entrepreneurship an idea with coolness embedded in it. Black youth traffic in coolness, it is their currency and way of belonging. The important thing is, they can be reached through coolness and through coolness they can embrace education when it is tied to entrepreneurship.

    This paradigm shift can be seen throughout. Just a few years ago, most of our top athletes and entertainers would opt for white representation but now, Mr. Combs, Jay Z, and other black professionals are gaining market share in this lucrative niche. Entrepreneurship has unleashed the idea of coolness and now it’s cool to go to school, to become a successful businessperson and it’s cool to do business with other cool black entrepreneurs.

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