Fisher said the program will also help the New Mexico Department of Health understand what’s going on in the state.

“It’s very easy for me to speculate what the issues are in communities, but until you really know why it’s going on, you can’t fix it,” Fisher said.

North Carolina’s texting program led to a study that analyzed what kinds of questions teens were asking. Published in 2012, the study titled ‘Can you get pregnant when u r in the pool?’ offers stats for what kinds of sexual health information teens didn’t have. The majority of texts, 89 percent, sought information about sexual health topics, while 7 percent asked for advice, 4 percent asked for reassurance that the sender was developing normally. Overall the questions were mainly about sexual acts, unplanned pregnancy, contraception, physical or sexual development, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Other health departments in recent years have launched their own mobile health initiatives.

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