As TMZ put it, Jermaine Jackson may have put the cart before the Ferrari … er … horse, that is.

In other words, he went out and purchased the ultra-expensive carriage while the jury was deciding whether to give his family as much as $40 billion.

Jermaine went to Calabasas Luxury Motorcars Monday to pick up the 2009 Ferrari California, which was listed at $169,995.  Sources connected to Jermaine tell us he was able to wheel-and-deal the dealer down to the low 160s.

Jermaine didn’t have to plunk down the entire amount.  He traded in his Rolls Royce and got around $90k.  We’re told he paid the balance — just over $70k.

As has been reported … if Katherine would have won her lawsuit against AEG, Jermaine and her other children would likely have been the beneficiaries of the judgment once she died.

(Photo: AP)

8 thoughts on “Jermaine Jackson Buys Ferrari During MJ Trial

    • Well Lisa Marie and her mother Priscilla who was DIVORCED from Elvis and her brother are living off Elvis money. I prefue the Jackson to be living off MJ’s money than the media, conartist, people who are stilly trying to lie on the Jackson and MJ for money, tabloids, etc. AT the end of the day, MJ’s money is going to go to someone so it best to be the family than OUTSIDERS.

  1. soulpip1 on said:

    If the Jacksons would simply open Neverland Ranch for Michael’s fans their money woes would be over. Just like Graceland for Elvis. Put the money in a Jackson Family Account and divide it between all of the entire Jackson family. And stay out of the court rooms. Let Mother Jackson live peacefully and enjoy the rest of her life with the love of her family.

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