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There has been so much talk and debate surrounding the Obamacare lately and the question is whether its the best plan of action over the Affordable Care Act.

“What’s in a name? When it comes to the debate over health care, apparently a lot,” Steve Liesman reported Thursday for CNBC, according to Journal-isms.

“In CNBC’s third-quarter All-America Economic Survey, we asked half of the 812 poll respondents if they support Obamacare and the other half if they support the Affordable Care Act.”

“First thing: 30 percent of the public don’t know what ACA is, vs. only 12 percent when we asked about Obamacare. More on that later.”

“Now for the difference: 29 percent of the public supports Obamacare compared with 22 percent who support ACA. Forty-six percent oppose Obamacare and 37 percent oppose ACA. So putting Obama in the name raises the positives and the negatives. Gender and partisanship are responsible for the differences. Men, independents and Republicans are more negative on Obamacare than ACA. Young people, Democrats, nonwhites and women are more positive on Obamacare. . . .”

In a Pew Research survey last month of 1,506 people conducted with USA Today, “A stunning 91 percent of the black Americans who responded said they approved of Obamacare while only 29 percent of whites did.”

Meanwhile, on that note. Sorta. Talk show host and funnyman Jimmy Kimmel decided to add his two cents as  to the “Obamacare versus the Affordable Care Act” debate.

“They’re the same thing,” noted Kimmel during his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. And of course that was his cue for the fun to begin.

Kimmel sent a crew out on the streets of Hollywood  to get reactions from people who had no clue that Obamacare IS the Affordable Care Act.