WNBA stars Diana Taurasi and Seimone Agustus received double personal fouls for a light kiss that Taurasi gave to Agustus on the cheek during a game .The two life long buddies had been playing pretty hard against each other when Taurasi kissed Agustus on the cheek. Subsequently the whistle blew for a foul.

Check out the play below!

Wow! Refs need to learn when to lighten up sometimes. That didn’t seem like ill will to us. The two girls have been playing basketball together since elementary school. We think he was just shocked by it or maybe didn’t understand it. But we’re pretty sure there is no rule about it on the books! We’d love to see it if there is!

[Editor’s Note: Calls to Magic and Isiah Thomas were not returned]


3 thoughts on “WNBA Players Get Fouls Called For Kissing On The Court

  1. V. Southers on said:

    I seem to remember a kiss on the cheek by Isaiah Thomas that was given. Does anyone remember that there was no call.

    • I’m from the D, TOTALLY remember that. When they did it, it wasn’t seen as a big deal or anything. No one questioned or discussed why 2 men basketball players would kiss on the court before a game. If THAT was done today, EVERYONE would be talking about it and gay implications would run wild!!

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