Clariese Jones (pictured right), Paul Mikell (pictured center) and their daughter Olivia Jones (picturedleft) were arrested and charged with simple burglary of a religious building, when the Mom, Dad, and child trio allegedly robbed church items then sold them in a yard sale at their nearby home in Slidell, La., reports ABC News.

According to St. Tammany Police Captain George Bonnett, who spoke to ABC News, the family allegedly confessed to authorities that they had repeatedly robbed the El Bethel Apostolic Ministry in Slidell of music equipment, generators, a water cooler, electronics, and more over a two-trip burglary spree.  The heist occurred during the church’s renovation.

During police interrogation, the three suspects allegedly stated that Clariese, Olivia, and a another person only identified as Beaux, entered the church premises on September 12th to pilfer the items while Mikell stood outside as the lookout.

On the night of the alleged first robbery, Clariese was taken into custody involving another case, after deputies conducted a traffic stop on her vehicle.  In order to bail the Mom out, Mikell and Olivia allegedly returned to the church three days later — after the initial burglary — to reportedly gather up more stolen goods to sell in order to bail Clariese out of jail.

Detectives were tipped off that the trio had been selling their stolen merchandise in a yard sale at their home — which is located only a stone’s throw from the church.

When officers reportedly arrived at Jones and Mikell’s home with a search warrant, they surveyed all of the electronic goods which had been reported missing; the items were strewn across the family’s lawn for the public sale.

Upon entering the family residence, detectives reportedly discovered the missing church water coolers in the living room. Once the officers stepped out in to the backyard, they stumbled across one of the church’s speakers.

Bonnett told ABC News, investigators have managed to confiscate most of the stolen items, as a matter of fact, he contends, “We’re very close to having all of it — about 95 percent has been recovered.”

All three suspects are currently being held in jail on a $30,000 bond.

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