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It will for sure be a fantastic voyage next year. George Clinton, the grandmaster of funk, will join Tom, Sybil and Jay on the 2014 Fantastic Voyage taking place onboard the Carnival Conquest March 16-24th. He may not look like the old George Ciinton, but the funk is still alive. Ciinton’s longtime style look of multicolored yarn-adorned hair has been replaced by a more conservative look, but be clear, the funk is still alive.

He’s coming on the cruise with Ice Cube in what is sure to be a multi-generational hip-hop funk mashup. Katt Williams will be aboard as well, with more new performers to be announced this week.

“You know it ‘s going to be a party,” Clinton told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “You know it’s going to be one nation under a groove.”

Clinton also says that he’s starring in a reality show about his life, scheduled to air sometime this year. It’s called “The Clintons,” but unlike the other famous family with that last name, this show will focus more on the personal than the political.

“I’m doing a reality show with my family, with my son Tracy, my six grandkids, Scott Thompson, Brandi – it’s a big family thing,” he told “Uncut” magazine earlier this year. “A bit like ‘The Osbournes’ but most of them are, like, musicians, rappers and everything. We got to come up with new ways to get the music across, so we’re doing this reality show. So we can expose all the noses out there, stealing the copyrights and taking people’s music and money. This is all gonna be part of the reality show, the copyright fight, plus we still kicking ass onstage.”

Clinton was forced to sell four songs from his massive musical catalog to pay off lawyers. He’s been fighting for years to receive compensation for the sampling of Parliament/Funkadelic music as he’s one of the most sampled artists in music history. On the show, you can look forward to some Clintonian wisdom that the 72-year old has acquired over the years.

He told the Tom Joyner Morning Show that younger artists get into trouble because they don’t know how to control their impulses.

“It was never trouble, it was always fun,” Clinton says of his life. [Younger artists] look at it wrong. You can’t look at it like that. Everything ain’t fun. You can’t be knee deep into it,” he laughs. “Just dabble and go on home. You know when you pull up and try to make residence there, then it ain’t no fun. You should always be just a little bit behind happy. You should never catch it. That’s why they call it the pursuit of happiness.”

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Behind the Jam: 2014 Fantastic Voyage Performer, George Clinton
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