Wendy Williams


Ms. Wendy is sitting in the “hot topics” seat because she spoke on Miley Cyrus today and whether or not she is becoming one of those people who use black culture as a symbol or adornment.

Check out what she had to say at about Miley at about the 4 minute mark in the video below!

Say what you want about Wendy but she says it like she means it and dedicates herself to it!  You must respect that if nothing else.


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One thought on “Wendy Williams Says Miley Cyrus is Appropriating Black Culture [VIDEO]

  1. Yes, she is, but it should be seen as a form of flattery, because if I may say that just as fashion couldn’t quite bring themselves to adopt the hoodie, baggy pants, etc., they knew that those who couldn’t afford “fashion,” would always have it over the fashionable and that’s because of the widening rich-poor gap. And Miley, as an artist, had to adopt what is clearly telling the truth about our broken society and who better than blacks can tell the truth? In other words, artists tell the truth, and for a white person to tell the truth, that person has to become black. So, sure it is wrong to cheat by stealing, but the very act of stealing is an artistic action in Miley’s regard. Just as hip hop’s origins are in “poverty and violence underlying the historical context that birthed the culture,” music today that sings the song of the heart comes from outcasts. Miley takes advantage, but she also shines a light on injustice, because we all know she’s borrowing.

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