Roland Martin talks with Russel L. Honore’ about what steps need to be taken to take back the streets of Chicago.

6 thoughts on “Should the National Guard Be Sent into Chicago to Stop the Violence?

  1. Yes they can send them to Chicago, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC and even Maryland. May as well because they will do so soon anyway. Soon the whole United States will be military controlled just like in the times of Hitler. Do not be Deceived…The government has an agenda, but GOD has allowed these things for his coming.

    • Causes of killings in other countries – sectarian violence (Iraq, Afganistan, etc), drug cartel violence (Mexico and parts of South America, and extreme poverty (Somolia and other parts of Africa).

  2. I find it interesting that there seems to be an agenda to promote Chicago as the “murder capital” judging by all the coverage the cities tragedies gets in the media, could it be politically/legislature driven? Fact of the matter is chicago doesn’t even have the most murders per capita in Chicagoland, Gary does. Now discussions about sending the National Guard to Chi-Town, Obama takes office and the gun legislature propoganda has been in full swing. How about sending the National Guard to the 25 or so major cities tha have a higher murder rate than the Windy City?

  3. What will the NG do to stop black on black crime, poverty, lack of jobs, lack of education, lack of morality/faith/religion/whatever and a whole list of other issues that pretext gun violence? Not a damn thing.

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