Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin is in the news this week for his skills off the court.

Griffin welcomed his first child this past August but what everyone is talking about is that the mother of his child also has a baby with currently unemployed NFL quarterback Matt Leinart.

On Monday, September 23, the NBA star revealed he and former USC basketball player Brynn Cameron have a son named Ford Wilson Cameron-Griffin together.


Cameron’s son, Cole, with Leinart is 6-years-old. Leinart reportedly pays $15,000 a month in child support.

Griffin and Cameron are broken up. No word on Griffin’s child support payments.

6 thoughts on “NBA Player Blake Griffin and NFL Player Matt Leinart Share Baby Mama

  1. Rodney on said:

    Because one guy use the term “golddigger” doesn’t mean every black guy thinks that. Stop stereotyping and jumping to conclusions.

    • Say it again, Mia!!! If her name had an apostrophe in it, she would be every gold-digging, wh@re a$$, trick known to walk the earth!

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