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Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

Oh, no.  Adam Pacman Jones was arrested again.  The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback was busted for loud mouthing an officer during a DUI stop.  This is the eighth time Pacman has been arrested since 2005.  His NFL paychecks are all direct deposited into the bail bondsman but Bengal fans still support him and Sunday they’ll be wearing his jersey, #24 – 11768.

In other NFL news Super Bowl and Dancing With the Stars star Jacoby Jones got his ass whooped by a stripper on a party bus.  Jacoby was partying with his teammates in D.C. when this stripper named Sweet Pea broke a bottle right upside his head and left him all bloody.  Witnesses on the bus said the stripper told Jacoby, ‘You going to jail now.’

And speaking of the NFL last night former wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson was the first celebrity to get the boot on Dancing With the Stars.  C’mon, man.