Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney debuted a new bundle to the Romney Clan on Friday evening.

Romney tweeted:

“Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney.” along with the photo below.

Ironically Kieran, means “little dark one” in Gaelic. Plus, Romney seems to have lost track of the amount of grandchildren he has.

According to various outlets, back in July Romney welcomed another grandchild, who he said was number 22 then. Romney sure knows how to keep the blunders coming.

More importantly, congratulations to the little cutie Kieran for finding a home!

What do you think about Romney having a black grandchild? Does it matter?

37 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Welcomes New African-American Grandchild (Photo)

  1. To all dummies: read Biblical Instructions Before Leaving Earth! B.I.B.L.E.

    JESUS had HAIR of WOOL and FEET of BRASS!
    This is how i look and i am an intelligent and blessed young Black Male.
    The good white people will admit the fact that that Jesus wasn’t white…it’s impossible anyway.
    All life has to start from a person of color. Two whites can’t produce a black but two blacks can produce a white and all other shades of humans!

    There are also more whites on welfare than any other race in America. Do your research dummies.

    *The white man is scared of anything greater than him. I was told this by my indian grandfather. This is why they make up all these myths and don’t teach the truth in schools to try and keep people of color uneducated and inferior.

  2. Mr. Valdez (HISPANIC I ASSUME) I need you to use spell check, read before you hit submit, take advantage of the education opportunities being provided and use the common sense that God gave to all of us. If 95% of the African American population were killing each other does that not mean that it would only be a 5% population left and you wouldn’t have the chance to show the world how ignorant you are on BLACKAMERICAWEB? Don’t speak on things of what you do not know because the last time I checked most white folk don’t like those of Hispanic descent either.

  3. I think it is wonderful this little fella has a home, but I have to wonder if they raise him in the Mormon church how will they explain their belief about dark skinned people. It is not a secret that Mormons would not allow them into the priesthood (up until sometime in the 1980’s i believe) because they were punished by God, thus their dark skin. They will tell you they are not racist because they love all people as command by God and did much to help run away slaves. They welcome them, but….. Only a little because of the curse? WTF this to me is a little concerning. I would be much more worried about that than them eating them for dinner.

  4. blackjesuscom on said:

    As God’s children, we all have
    the same need for love and
    attention, if we are to share the
    same with our children. But based
    on some of the negative comments
    here, its apparent that some of you
    aren’t willing to share God’s grace
    as Romney’s daughter has.
    Just remember, heaven, if you get
    there, won’t be segregated based
    on skin color. The Truth Will Set You Free!


      • blackspeak on said:

        You are absolutely correct… There is only one religion in America. That is the religion of white supremacy…

  5. he Hollywood elite Angelina, Madonna, etc are known for adopting black children… if it’s not
    just a gimmick for them then The Romney’s can be just as sinsear .. as far as Lord help us huh
    I can say that about the half white guy in office now

  6. publicenemy#2 on said:

    What could be more pleasurable to an American caucasian family than this, especially, these political folks? Perfect example of the: “Art of…” Nothingness. As long as they are happy “we” shouldn’t care.

  7. The name is a bad idea. It’s obviuos he’s the darkest one in the family. Why make an issue of his color by naming him something that means “little dark one.”

  8. There is nothing wrong with asking questions and questions should be asked (questions are asked even when you are from the same race). but I agree that just as long as this baby is loved and taughted his heritage, I see no problem with it. I think the show “jesse” on disney is a good examle of a white family who adopt other race of kids who keep those kids intouch with thier heritage. That little black girl on the show has her black dolls, her black hair style, etc. Great show.

  9. I’m glad the baby have a good home but why do romey have too let it be know they have a black baby in their family, we all know how he feel about about people of color. That baby is so cute but wait until he grow up and start looking like a black young man then we will see how romey feel then when he start looking like Trayvon.

  10. Stephanie on said:

    I agree with Linda, I am glad this beautiful child found a home where she will be love and cared for. The race of the family should not matter.

    • your right steph. its good the child has a loving home, some ppl of color post some of the dumbest things, and just because a person doesn’t share our views doesn’t mean the person is a racist

  11. What a dumb question, so the child who needs to be adopted shouldn’t go to a white family because he’s black??? As long as he’s receiving love, is the only thing that matters.

    • Wildflower on said:

      Nothing dumb about the question. Sometimes questions need to be asked. There was an incident where a racist couple adopted a child of another race just to later kill the child to get the insurance benefits. So yes sometimes questions needs to be asked and debate is always good for educating.

      • KP, things happen. A show was done even on Oprah back in the 90’s about kids of other races who were adopted by whites and the experience was not good and their race became an issue. So do not act like everything is ok and race does not matter. Even comic Tommy from In living color had and experience and he was adopted by a white family. So again, questions need to be asked even it the family turn out to be good. Same as there are same race issues with adoptive kids there are questions to people who adopt other races of kids.

      • Typical Black Racist on said:

        Yes, white people are the devil and kill everything and everyone. They stole everything from everyone and deserve to be attacked, beaten, and things stolen from them. I can say ni66er all the time but if a white person says it they should be beaten or killed. Black crime statistics are the white devil’s myth. They adopted this child to eat him for thanksgiving because I heard that white people are vampires who eat black children. Anyone who disagrees with anything I say is a racist. Romney is a racist. Anyone who criticizes 0bama is a racist. Where my reparations at? Anyone who says Africans are responsible for the slave trade and still are engaged in slavery is a racist.

      • WHITE MAN LOST THE COUNTRY: The statements by this sick-puppy PROVES the white man has lost the country to people of color.

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