Calling customer service can be  a trying thing. We all have had horrible customer service calls.   Always keep in mind that your frustration should not be passed on to the person who is answering your call. They are most likely stressed about having to deal with rude and obnoxious people day in and day out.

There’s a calmer, gentler way for dealing with miscommunications and unmet expectation.

Know What It Is You Want From Your Rep.

Be specific about what you want, whether it is a replacement product, a refund, a repair, a discount or refund, or something else. Understand what your issue is at hand. If the remote shuts off suddenly explain in deal what leads to the shut off.

I  will give you a perfect example. In my all knowing wisdom I purchased a  universal remote from  Logitech. After many hours of trying to figure out why the thing did not work I grew frustrated! The urge to fling it out the window was merely moments away. I dialed the 800 number and was met with a cheery voice. He walked me through the set up of all of my house remotes. He called back the next night to see how I was doing. It taught me a good lesson. The more details you give the more help you get.

Read the second important tip.

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