Face- off

Later in the episode, all five of the ladies met for dinner for the first time since they were all introduced to Tasha Marbury. This was the perfect opportunity for Tami to bring up the “really right or really wrong” statement and find out where Shaunie was coming from once and for all. Tasha told Tami that the statement did not plant a negative seed in her mind and Shaunie chimed in saying that she made the comment because both women have smart mouths. Ev then jumped in putting her hand in Tami’s face saying, “Boop!” If you’ve been paying attention in Tami 101, then you know that this is one of the things that sets Tami over the edge, and she did just that. Tami immediately stood up and got in Ev’s face threatening her to put her hand in her face again. Shaunie then jumped in to be the voice of reasoning telling Tami to calm down, and Tami then returned to her normal self.

After things calmed down a bit, Tasha’s jokes about Evelyn and Chad’s domestic drama were brought up. Ev told Tasha that she didn’t understand why she would joke about that situation and Tasha responded that she didn’t appreciate when Evelyn wrote about her and Stephon’s situation in her book – I guess in attempts to make their shade throwing equal. Tasha figured that she might as well air all her dirty laundry since they were on the topic and told Ev about the other joke she made about Ev’s head butt situation saying that she should wear helmets on dates now. Ev was surprised that Tasha would joke about such a sensitive subject and especially even more shocked that Suzie would laugh at the joke considering that Suzie was also a victim of domestic violence. Evelyn didn’t pop off at Suzie, didn’t yet a her and didn’t even say much too her except throw her the meanest side eye that let her know she meant business before gathering her belongings and exiting the room.  Shame on you, ladies. Domestic violence is NEVER funny.

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