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Rapper Drake has amassed a very cool and expensive jewelry collection. One of the crown jewels of his bauble collection is his diamond owl piece that is the logo for his OVO company. A Jeweler is now suing Drake over the piece.

Famous jeweler Michael Raphael, who owns Baden Baden Inc., claimed in a new lawsuit that Drake had the company make a diamond and platinum owl pendant back in January. Drake paid $49, 204 once the pieces were delivered. So all should be right, but here’s where things get interesting. Raphael says in June, he started noticing gold pendants that looked exactly like the one he designed for the rapper starting  to appear all over Drake’s Instagram. Raphael alleges Drake took the original, had it copied, and passed the gold copies out to his friends.

Michael Raphael’s company is suing for unspecified damages on the grounds of copyright infringement. They are also asking for the court to make Drake give them all of the knock off pieces.

Drake has yet to respond to the lawsuit.

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