New video has surfaced appearing to show George Zimmerman smashing an iPad that is said to contain proof he punched his father-in-law during an alleged altercation.

According to TMZ, the footage was captured on a home security system moments after the alleged altercation at the Florida rental home where George and his estranged wife Shellie Zimmerman had been living.

Shellie told a 911 operator George took a pocket knife to the iPad and then smashed it. The video appears to back up the story.

While you can’t actually make out a pocket knife in the footage, it’s obvious George is finagling with the device before he tosses it on the ground. Shellie recovers the iPad moments later.

After the incident, Shellie turned the iPad over to cops — and they’re confident they can recover any footage that was stored in the device, but acknowledge it was pretty badly damaged.

Shellie initially told the 911 operator George was threatening the family with a gun, but she later recanted her story and police say they’ve seen no evidence George ever had a gun.

(Photo: AP)

5 thoughts on “George Zimmerman’s Alleged iPad Smash Caught on Tape (Watch)

    • JanCorey on said:

      Kevin, we can all thank God that Trayvon is now dead, and does this mean that tossing down a cell-phone to the ground is now considered an act of a “violent divorce showdown”?

    • JanCorey on said:

      There is no “karma” Kevin, only facts. Karma is pure speculation and not factual, you lose once again Kev, but at least you are consistent at that.

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