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We all know by now that being a mom is a full time job within itself. Though incredibly rewarding, it is hard work and probably the most important job you will ever have in your life (unless you’re the President, and even that job might be a close second).

The key to making it all work, and not going crazy while doing it, is finding a balance between the two. Here are some ways that helped me personally find my own balance. I’m hopefully they’ll work for you too.

1. Preparation thy name is Mom!

Before I was a mom, one of my worst habits was not being prepared in the morning. I’d be running around the house grabbing whatever I could find to wear to work, often times barely making it in on time. But when dressing one became dressing two I had no other choice than to get things ready the night before. Laying out clothes, and packing bags will make for a smoother less hectic morning and give you more time for goodbye kisses.

2. Routines Rule!

Wake up. Go to the Gym. Get Dressed. Get Coffee. Go to Work. We all have routines that we live by; it’s what keeps us sane and organized. When you’re a mom nothing is more important than establishing a good routine with your child. My baby knows after bath time and a story it’s time for bed, and then it’s time for mommy.

3. Make time to play!

One of the beauties of having children is you get to be a child again too. I often find myself sitting on the floor playing with dolls, or dancing to lullabies and you know what? It’s fun! When I became an adult I forgot how much I liked being a kid.

4. Even Supermom needs a break!

You’re dedicated to your family and to your job, but where’s the time that is just for you. Don’t be swallowed up by all your responsibilities that you don’t make time for yourself. Even if it’s just an hour a day where you read your favorite magazine or do yoga it’s important to take time for you. I personally enjoy doing my nails while I watch Netflix and read a magazine. I’m making the most of that hour and you should too!

4. Remember, you’re AMAZING!

Before I became a mom I had so many worries. I had an amazing support system in my family, but I didn’t know if I could work and still be a good mom. Thankfully I tossed those fears to the side and dove right into motherhood feet first. I’m happy to say it’s been one of the best experiences of my entire life. When work is done I’m all mom, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what did I miss? Are you a veteran mommy with tons of cool keep-sane ideas? Chime in via the comments below!

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