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If you have kids, you already know how much unrelenting work they can be. But if you’re the McGhee family, you can multiply that work times six. The high school sweethearts from Columbus, OH are the parents of septuplets who are now 3 years old. (One daughter died at birth.) Fortunately for parents Mia and Rozonno, Oprah Winfrey loved the family so much after having them on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that she offered them a show on the OWN Network. “Six Little McGhees” has its second season debut on Saturday, September 7 at 10 p.m./9 central. The Tom Joyner Morning Show checked in with the McGhees to see how they’re doing:

TJMS: How’s it going for you with the six little kids?

Rozonno McGhee: Oh it’s going. They’re off the hook. They are off the hook!

You got six kids at one time.

Rozonno: God is good!

Have you had the chance to get romantic since? How do you manage that?

Rozonno: Oh yeah,  absolutely. Every now and then you have to call the grandparents to come over and watch the kids so you can go out and dance and have a good time. Not all the time because they’re three. My parents don’t like coming over like that no more. [The kids] ain’t cute and cuddly no more.

If you didn’t have this TV show on OWN, how would you manage the diapers and milk – does your carpet cleaning business sustain you with the bills you have now?

Rozonno: Ask God because I do not know.

How is the carpet cleaning business?

Rozonno: The carpet cleaning business is doing well. It’s doing good. Me and my wife are partners, I listen to her; there’s no argument when it comes to business.

They say working with family is really a problem. You hired members of your family to work with you, right? 

MIa: We learned our lesson not to do that again.

What about babysitters?

MIa: We have grandparents. We have good friends and other family members but grandparents are really good. You’ll see on this season. As the kids got older, the group diminished. They come and just visit now.

Have you thought about putting six kids through college?

Rozonno: College is always on the back of our mind. That’s why we work every day. And thank God for Oprah, she gave us a shout out and our business turned around.

Mia and Rozonno McGhee are back with a season full of their six adorable two year olds in tow! As parents to rapidly growing sextuplets, they’re taking on both parenthood and a growing family business with a little less help than usual, all while trying to keep their sanity. Tune in for the season premiere of 6 Little McGhees on Saturday, September 7th at 10/9c.

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