R. Kelly‘s ex-wife Andrea Kelly has a public figure since joining the cast of VH1′s “Hollywood Exes,” but what does R. Kelly think about her being a cast member on this reality show? Watch the interview below to find out R. Kelly’s thoughts, and hear him reveal what people don’t know about him in this exclusive interview.

Look out for R. Kelly’s new hip-hop and R&B album entitled “Black Panties,” and download his latest single “My Story” featuring 2 Chainz.

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3 thoughts on “R. Kelly Shares His Feelings About Ex-Wife Being On “Hollywood Exes” [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

  1. I have not seen r.kelly come out late to his shows here in Alabama. He gives one of the best performances. And he goes over his time to give his fans they money worth.I admire the man for that and the stuff he goes thru he still can fill a arena up and people leave happy . Keep making the hit you are very gifted.

  2. He needs to share his feelings on why the hell he acts a fool at his concerts, comes out late and doesn’t seem to give a damn about his fans who pay their money to see his shows. HOW BOUT SPEAKING ON THAT R??? JERK!!!!

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