The power of the Kardashian name brings unprecedented levels of popularity (unless your Rob Kardashian, no one cares about him). Apparently you can’t even go to Taco Bell without being hounded because no one would care about Lamar Odom’s drug addiction otherwise. The former NBA star, who is in the midst of falling from grace, went out to grab some fast food and the paparazzi were on-site to ask him the question of the hour, “Are you addicted to crack cocaine?”

Odom was so thrown off by the rude and abrasive inquiry, he couldn’t think straight or finish his order for that matter. Recent reports exposed Odom’s alleged drug addiction and that he was kicked out the house because of it. However, according to TMZ, Khloe isn’t checking for divorce or just going to allow her husband to die. She’s step up and attempting to save his life.

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