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In case you’re wondering, Brandy is not mad about the recent events in South Africa. She acknowledges that reports she performed for a small crowd at a stadium there during a recent event are true, but says it’s just a part of being an entertainer.

“South Africa was interesting,” she told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “It was a last minute thing. A few of my friends that I’ve done business with before seemed like they were in a bind and called me. I don’t think they really though that I was going to be on the flight so they didn’t promote that I was going to be there.

So it turned out the way it did. But the most important thing was that I was there for a celebration of Nelson Mandela and he opened up a children’s hospital there and I was there for that. My reason for being there was for a good reason. I performed for whoever knew or whoever didn’t know. They knew when I got on stage and I think everybody knows now that I went to South Africa,” she laughs. “Things like that happen sometimes, but it’s how you take things. You have to take things in stride and keep it pushing.”

Brandy expects to see more people for her upcoming performances. She’s being honored for her support of the LGBT community during Atlanta’s annual Black Pride festival and is performing at Chicago’s African Pride Festival and at MegaFest 2013 this weekend in Dallas.

Brandy returns to “The Game” next season on BET in 2014. The new season is currently shooting in Atlanta. Brandy says she enjoys her second stint on episodic television after playing a completely different character on “Moesha.”

“I love Chardonnay,” she says. “Chardonnay is my alter ego. She is definitely a part of me. I will definitely go into that tone if need be.”

Brandy admits that her fiancée, music publisher Ryan Press,  could be on the receiving end of that  tone once in awhile.  They met at a recording studio, but Brandy says she’s happy he works behind the scenes.

The couple plan to get married next year, but haven’t set a date yet.

For Brandy’s upcoming performances and updates on her career, head to her official website. 

“I’m trying to map out all the wedding stuff. I didn’t realize how hard it was to plan a wedding even with a wedding planner.”