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Kelly Price has been the hot topic of conversation for fans of “R&B Divas: LA”

The backlash on Twitter, Facebook and other methods of social media has been staggering.  Some have turned against her, while others are fighting to clear her name.

While many of the other cast members have done interviews and made statements about the outcome of the show, Kelly has kept quiet…until now.

In an Epic Exclusive Interview with EURweb associate, Cherise Nicole at, Kelly answered all of the questions that people have been asking.  She addressed the Monologues;  What happened in  Las Vegas; Her feud with Fred;  conflict with Chante Moore; the ‘Boots and Vaseline’ incident and the truth about what went on behind the scenes … when the camera stopped rolling.

Interestingly, she did not bad mouth any of her cast members.  Not once.  She accepted responsibility for her actions and even defended Chante Moore at one point.  Kelly felt it was time to reveal the truth.  Some of it is shocking.

But, in Kelly’s words:

”I did this for the people who are watching. They need to know what happened. And from this point on everybody has to make their own decision. But, It is the truth.  It is the 100% truth.”

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7 thoughts on “Kelly Price Gives Interview About the TRUTH Behind ‘R&B Divas: LA’ (Watch)

  1. I found that hard to believe, especially after watching the Kim Kardashian reality TV marathon.
    No known side effects] waiting for claims sheet to confirm.

    You should not change your personality just for him and do not try to manipulate yourself
    to get your ex boyfriend back.

  2. eleanor53 on said:

    As far as I’m concerned, Kelly Price was the only REAL star on that show. She should not have participated on the show in the first place. She is the only person on the show who actually had #1 hit songs. Furthermore, ‘Diva’ is over-played. In today’s music industry, a song that has reached #100 is considered a hit. Years ago, a hit had to be in the top ten. R&B Divas is a complete joke that gives desperate women an opportunity to make some money.

  3. Quinny on said:

    Hey Kelly, Chante was right Fred was best for the job. I watched the divaloges last night and it was powerful. I believe if you would have approached Chante in more mature manner, just you and her clear the air you would have been able to work things out. But you went HOOD! You tried to bully them but they prevailed. I don’t like to condemn people, however I don’t know how you could redeem yourself. As you can see good always win. Please if you have it in you apologize so people and your fans would forgive you.

  4. sunrise_sunset on said:

    well at this point it is common sense that whomever goes on reality shows are not portrayed in a positive light…drama brings in higher ratings…so in my mind ANYONE who agrees to do a reality show are well aware of the consequences ..they do it because either they want the 15 minutes of fame they never had or they are trying to get back the 15 minutes they have lost in the past…either way these are the MOST insecure people that exist ….I do not feel sorry for anyone who goes this route..Kelly shut up is was your choice to expose your insecure personality so now deal with it

  5. At the Essence Festival this past July, there was a panel discussion on reality shows and Kenya Moore was on the panel, I WISH I had attended that because I heard this type of thing was discussed. I really believe that some of these reality “stars” are not really the type of people that they are portrayed on these shows. I don’t think Kelly Price is REALLY the type of person she is on the show. I don’t believe Kenya Moore is the type of person we have all grown to hate on her show. So on and so forth. I think these shows will edit and add scenes to make things messy so people will talk about it. They do a good job because we talk a LOT about these reality shows. I’m sure some of the “stars” aren’t to far from how they come across on the shows also. The bottom line is that we should look at these shows as just entertainment and not connect the real person with the reality show person. In many cases, they are not the same person. A lot of them didn’t have a job before the show, so its a way for them to make money. If you didn’t have a job (needed money), you would probably do a show like this also!!! Before Kenya Moore joined her cast, NO ONE was talking about her. She wasn’t doing much. Now look. Same wtih cast members of her show and others.

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