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Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the the day’s hottest topic.

Russell Simmons is still apologizing for the Harriett Tubman sex tape sketch that turned all of black America against him.  Russell now says that he may have an actual Harriett Tubman biopic in the works.  He’s just waiting to see if Meryl Streep will accept the lead role of Harriett Tubman.

Denver Nugget star Ty Lawson was arrested for pushing his pregnant girlfriend, and the girlfriend was arrested too.  See, the girlfriend heard Ty on the phone with another woman.  So she tried to leave.  But Ty pushed her on to the bed.  So she threw her cellphone up against the wall and broke it.  So he took her cellphone and dunked it under water.  So the cops came and they were both arrested.  And now they’re charged with two counts of black love.

Diddy is being sued by a former intern.  Rashida Salaam claims that even though she was an unpaid intern Sean Combs made her do countless tasks, such as answering telephones, getting lunch and making deliveries.  Former President Bill Clinton said, if you ask me, she got off easy.