Maine Governor Paul LePage denies saying President Barack Obama “hates white people.”

“No, I never said that. And you guys are all about gossip,”, the controversial Republican governor told a local Portland affiliate WCSH-TV.

LePage is accused of saying Obama “hates white people” during a fundraiser last week. However, the people who made the accusation requested anonymity “for fear of political retribution” according to the Portland Free Press.

LePage is running for re-election later this year.

13 thoughts on “Maine Gov. LePage Denies he Said ‘Obama Hates White People’

  1. @juff

    American Red Cross event? Compared to a GOP fundraiser? You bitching about that? Last time I checked a celebrity doesn’t affect public policy. Maybe you should take the time to read on what exactly a sitting governor does compared to an entertainer.
    Final question for you pally…did you hold GW to the “utmost” standard when we invading another country? How did that work out?

    Take your BS to someplace that speaks your language.

  2. Beverly Ward on said:

    It’s sad when elected official say stuff like that, it because they are the ones guilty of that, why do you think the disrespect Obama in every way because they are old racist white people who have been like that all there lives and probably will continue to be like that. Most of the republican party are racist so I don’t understand why people don’t call a spade a spade.

  3. the Timekeeper on said:

    Not taking up for Kane West on this. However, when he spoke those words, there were a whole lotta folks! Who felt exactly the very same way. Especially after Geroge Bush had that “Brownie” photo shoot at some airport hanger miles away from where things were devestating. Kanye simply was in a position to speak the obvious at that time. I still laugh every time i see Mike Myers face standing next to him ( thats a scene to die for)

  4. So what if he did Kanye West thought it appropriate to blurt out “George Bush hates black people”
    during a Katrina fundraiser ,it wasn’t off limits then (at least I heard no condemnation) so why is it an issue NOW

    • Who ever said Kanye West spoke for all Black folks. Kanye isn’t an elected official but this guy is, so we expect more/better from him. One thing I have learned over the past few years is that a great deal of our elected officials are not the sharpest knives in the drawer. Seems there’s some stupid comment coming out of their mouths or some sorry act committed on a regular bases by these folks. I think we’ve givem them wayyyy to much credit for being smarter than they really are…

      • 1 this guy doesn’t speak for the GOP or any one else just himself like YOU stated about Kanye
        2 Kanye was a celebrity representing a benefit drive why in the hell would you not hold him to
        utmost standards
        3 RL is apparently running a deficit in the moral equivalency dept. to see that as well, whites, blacks
        asians people from ALL fifty states watched the event to help Not to have it tainted with such an
        asinine comment

    • You such a dumbass it isn’t funny anymore….WOW! Kanye West should be held to the same standard as elected officials?? Really? Once again everytime you open your mouth I smell $hit! If you want to go there add your hero Ted Nugent…Rush Limbaugh…Hannity and the other cowards who spew that crap you so passionately love.

      We agree on one thing “asinine” comment…you just left out one “S” to describe yourself!

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