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Hard-core rapper and reality show star The Game (pictured) is calling on all of his fans to boycott Houston’s restaurant of Pasadena, Calif., after he was allegedly denied service because of his extensive bodily tattoos, reports Yahoo!

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The Game, whose actual name is Jayceon Taylor, reportedly visited Houston’s, a pricey eatery with an established reputation for first-class service, for lunch. Sporting a pair of slacks and a tank top,Β  the performer’s tattoos on his face, torso, and arms were reportedly in full view.

According to the 33-year-old rapper, the temperature at the time of the incident was 90 degrees, which was why he reportedly decided to wear a tank top. When the Game tried to get a table at Houston’s, he was allegedly denied service by the restaurant’s manager who then told him that the exposed body ink was a threat to his customers who were dining.

Upset with the snub, the Game took to Twitter to vent to his more than 1 million fans:

Handsome Ass N****Verified account‏@thegame11 Aug

NEVER eating @ Houston’s restaurants as long as I live ! Denied service in Pasadena by mgr “Vy Diep” because: I have tattoos on my arms ?!?

Handsome Ass N****‏@thegame11 Aug

RT @VincentHJr @thegame that restaurant needs to be boycotted #DontEatAtHoustonsPasadena RT

According to the Game, he had been racially profiled before at the same eatery chain but at another location.

Houston’s restaurant manager, Marvin Wells, claims, though, that the Game did not have sleeves so he violated their strict dress code.

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2 thoughts on “The Game Refused Service At Restaurant Over Tattoos

  1. Why would anybody want to mark up their body like this, it’s like going to church with this mess & be turned away, he needs to take heed & I would have asked him to leave & no other up scale restaurant would serve him either, maybe POPEYES, OR MCDONALDS, but certainly not an up scale restaurant with others looking nice, then here he come looking all thuggish & out of place, so he needs to get it together & be more of a man & dress according be more presentable in public.people know who he is so represent man.

  2. ophelia on said:

    Game need to take that mess back to the ghetto. How are you going to walk into an upscale restaurant with your arms out looking all gansta. It may have been 90 degrees outside, but I’m sure the restaurant wasn’t 90 degrees on the inside. Any excuse to justify bad behavior. No one else can dine in an upscale restaurant like that, what makes him think he can..Grow up fool!.

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