I am so in love with these sisters. Tia Mowry to be exact. I think that she’s the daring fashionista out of her and Tamera. Which is why she was spotted out at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards wearing a deep plum knit top from House Of Holland and a playful floral Rebecca Vallance high-waisted pencil skirt.

Tia paired her looked with what I think is that hottest pair of purple satin Salvatore Ferragamo peep-toes pumps and an uber fierce ombre bob. It’s obvious from my use  of adjectives that I love this look on the new mommy. It’s fresh, bright and most importantly on-trend. Juggling new babies, working in Hollywood, and keeping the hubs happy is no easy task. So it’s nice to see Tia conquering the world all while wearing a fly pair of pumps!

But who really cares what I think (even though I hope you do), take the poll below and tell me how you really feel.

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