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Chante Moore is seizing her moment these days. Not only is she the most diva-est diva on “R&B Divas: L.A.” she’s got a new album out, “Moore is More,” her first in five years. The single “Talking in My Sleep” is already making an impact, drawing on the sweetest part of her soprano range.

One of “R&B Divas: LA” biggest surprises thus far, aside from Moore’s cozy relationship with ex-husband Kadeem Hardison, is her woefully underrated vocal talent, overlooked even during her hit-making heyday.

Moore’s recently made headlines beefing with fellow Diva Kelly Price on the show’s most recent episodes, where the internet streets are calling Price out on her mean girl behavior. Click here to see full episodes of “R&B Divas: L.A.”

If you’re not caught up, basically Price recruited Moore along with Michel’le, Claudette Ortiz, Dawn Robinson and Li’l Moe to work on a project that would allow the ladies to share their life stories and music. When Price got busy, the other women continued working on the project and when she returned, she threw a hissy fit about everything that happened without her.

“We still have things to be resolved. What it’s about for me is respect,” Moore told The Tom Joyner Morning Show. “It’s about honesty, it’s about owning the words that come out of your mouth and trust. Those are things that I need for friendship and right now, I don’t feel all of that at once with the two young ladies. We’re working on it. We’ll have reunions and conversations and things,” Moore says.

Scripted drama or real drama – who knows but it’s gotten people talking about Moore’s musical gifts again and that’s a good thing. She says “Moore is More” is largely autobiographical detailing her life and loves.

Moore was married and has a child apiece to both Hardison and singer Kenny Lattimore who sued her during the “R&B Divas: LA” run for custody of their son.

Here’s Moore herself talking about essential tracks from “Moore is More.”

The Best:

“Baby Can I Touch Your Body” – Moore says it’s not about either ex. She’d already broken up with Kenny Latimore by the time she recorded it. “It’s a fantasy.”

“Talking In My Sleep” – “I was a young girl about 19 and I had a boyfriend and I loved coming home to my mother and I liked to came home to my mother and I liked to jump in bed with my mom. When I woke up she asked me ‘So you’re having oral sex now?’ And I said “Uh, what? Why would you ask me that?

And she said, ‘Well you were talking in your sleep last night and you said ‘Stop, stop it’s choking me.’ And I said, ‘Nah, mom we were smoking weed.’ Would you believe my mother exhaled about weed? That is a true story. So you can see I occasionally talk in my sleep.”

“Alone” – “Being alone is not fun. Being alone in a room full of people is not fun. I’d rather be alone than lonely. I’d really rather be by myself.”

“Don’t Make Me Laugh” – “Kenneth” is who Chante says that song is about and won’t elaborate further, though Tom observed that the song made her sad.

“Mrs. Under-Stood” – “Cause at the end of it all, Mrs. Under finally stood,” Moore says. “Under meaning under everything. People perceive me as a bad girl, oooh, you can’t control her. I get the less than thing. We’re equal partners but you go ahead you do you and I’m good. I’m not trying to start trouble in my own house.”

The Rest:

“Doctor Doctor”

“Giving You My Always”

“On and On”

“Jesus I Want You”

“Cry My a River”

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