Beyoncé cut her hair and the world is going crazy.  Social media is going bananas all because Mrs. Jigga cut her hair into a new short due.  But her hair ain’t just short, it’s really short.  She needs a headband because she went from Beyoncé to Labronce.  And now there’s a rumor going around that Beyoncé’s weave was stolen by Foxy Brown.

Atlanta, Georgia has been named the least expensive city to raise a baby.  Finally some good news for Kirk Frost.

Doctor Sanjay Gupta of CNN wants the world to know that weed is good.  Although early in his career Doctor Gupta spoke ill of marijuana, he now believes that refer is beneficial to many.  In this excerpt from his CNN special Doctor Gupta says, I was too dismissive of the legitimate patients (toke) whose symptoms improved on cannabis.  (Toke, cough) I am turned up.  From now on call Doctor Sanjay Gupta by his new name, Gupdog.

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