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Comedian Chris Paul gives his hilarious take on the day’s hottest topics.

George W. Bush had heart surgery.  Doctors had to place a stent into one of the former President’s arteries after discovering a blockage.  And they say the blockage was disrupting the flow of oxygen to George W.’s brain.  Ah, so that explains it.

Al Roker needs a new alarm clock.  The weeble wobble weatherman overslept yesterday and missed his own early morning TV show, Wake Up With Al.  And when Roker finally did wake up and he saw what time it was, I think we all know what he did on his sheets.

Breaking news:  evidence now suggests that the real life Long Ranger was really a black man.  A historian believes that a slave named Bass Reeves is the real masked law man.  And I guess it won’t be long before they also discover the kemosabe is the Indian N word.

Anthony Weiner is on the attack.  Fed up with the smack talking of his opponents, Anthony Weiner is now smacking them back.  He called his 69-year-old opponent, George McDonald, a Grandpa right to his face.  Man, when did Weiner get so hard?